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Khafif food company

Performed its activity in year 2001 not only consider one of the specialized firm in the light and snack foods business, but also owns and continue operates chains of store located mostly all Region of Saudi Arabia. Khafif Food Company, offers The Tasty-Luscious popcorn products, including Cheese, Caramel, Butter, Pizza and Cajun Flavors. Khafif PopCorn in both white and yellow varieties also is available in convenient, resalable poly bags for use with electric and stove-top popcorn makers. The idea of Khafif was emerged as an aspiration to introduce light Snack food in Saudi Arabia after conducting lot of research and market study. The light snack food culture was not very popular in Saudi Arabia as people here love to eat heavy meals during there normal lunch/dinner courses and same was the case for hospitality culture. "More the heavy food you serve better the host you are". Khafif kept its promise since first day to serve the people, with best quality of Light snack food in the best environment and at the best price


To be the pioneer and the excellent company in providing snack food and beverages in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Providing high quality and reasonably priced  snack foods and beverages with a distinguished taste and superior treatment in a clean and attractive environment that can easily be reached.


Pioneering, Excellence, Honestly, Quality, Cleanliness & Attractive Environment